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Researched Surnames

Black || Bullard || Gillies || Heap || Hendrickson || Hodgetts || Hollingshead || Johnson || Lowder || Orton

History of the Month
Pioneer Emily Hodgetts Lowder, born 1841 in England

History of the Month
Early Mayflower Passengers after 30 Years

An Exodus from Illinois, 1846
Surnames mentioned:
Hooker-Shumway -- Sessions -- Frost -- McArthur -- Barns-Pratt -- Smith -- Young -- Scott -- Stearns

1813 List of Revolutionary War Pensioners

Letter of the Month
John Rolph to Sir Thomas Dale

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    Help with family newsletters: Eleen has developed a special interest in publishing family newsletters and is currently publishing the Lowder/Louder Newsletter for those in this family line. She can develop your family letter for you. You can get a free sample of the Lowder/Louder Newsletter by contacting Eleen at the e-mail address above or call (435) 559-3750 and leave your name and address.