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John & Emily Hodgetts Lowder

John was a mail rider employed by Walker Bros in SLC. He was one of the first white men through the Mountain Meadow after the infamous massacre. He later told how he was plagued with nightmares througout his life.

Emily, 15 years of age, began her trek from England with her mother and sister, Maria. However, her father came aboard the ship and persuaded her mother to stay in England. So and her sister came to Nauvoo, IL by themselves. Her sister soon returned to England and Emily remained with her brother, Ben. Emily came to Utah in a wagon train led by her brother Benjamin Hodgetts. Her father being somewhat wealthy helped her with expenses to cross the plains and she was able to purchase a horse that she rode across the plains. She and Ben were directly behind the ill-fated Martin and Harris handcart companies. When they reached Devil's Gate in Wyoming, they overtook these "saints" and helped them into Salt Lake City. The wagons were emptied to carry the sick and dying.

Picture was taken in 1945 by a great-grandson of John & Emily

This rock with John's signature was located near Pintura, UT on the 1857 route to California. It was destroyed when the road was widened.

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